Product Name : RPT-V Series: Cellular Phone Repeater for Vehicle (iDEN; GSM; CDMA or PCS)
RPT-V Series: Cellular Phone Repeater for Vehicle (iDEN; GSM; CDMA or PCS)



    Product Character

    Model No.
    - RPT-VI30: for iDEN (806~869MHz)
    RPT-VC30: for CDMA (824~894MHz)
    RPT-VG30: for GSM (890~960MHz)
    RPT-VP30: for PCS (1850~1990MHz)

    The wireless reception amplifier is ideally suited for providing and/or improving cellular reception within cars; trucks and other more vehicles. User could attach sensing antenna to car kit holder or leather case surface; no need to connect to the cellphone directly; just near by sensing antenna.

    Moreover; once the installation is finished; user could make an outgoing call to check if the installation is correct or not. As long as the installation is correct; the power indicator will change color from red to blue.

    - Extend cellphone communication range when driving
    - Reduce radiation from cellphone; helpful for human health
    - Extend lifespan of cellphone battery
    - Bulit-in AGC; free of interference; no crash sound
    - Suitable for any cellphone whether stubby or hidden antenna
    - One time install; the sensing antenna attach to the phone holder or leather case surface
    - 4 systems in 1 booster (CDMA; TDMA; GSM850; Analong in CDMA model)

    Why use a Car Amplifier/Repeater/Booster
    Even with the growing number of cellular base stations servicing cellphone networks; cellphones used in automobites and other motor vehicles still experience inconsistent and inadequate reception quality. Problems with poor reception; dropped calls and lack of adequate signal strength while traveling in an automible can be eliminated by installing a car amplifier which provides a simple and ideal solution to inadequate cellphone reception.