Product Name : RPT-S1 Repeater_Small Site_iDEN; CDMA; GSM
RPT-S1 Repeater_Small Site_iDEN; CDMA; GSM



    Product Character

    iDEN / CDMA / GSM System ~ Small Site 40/45 Series
    The small site wireless reception repeater is ideally suited for providing and/or improving cellular reception in residential homes; workshops; small-sized parking garages; basements and small office areas. It is end-user orientation-easy installation; DIY kit; adequate accessories for installation; unique 5 color led level indicators; easy to find base station. 15m coaxial cable with pre-installed connectors. Just with install TV antenna experience; customer may easily complete the small site indoor repeater installation.

    - Improve indoor cellphone communication; coverage area 40-150m2 (40 series); 60-200m2 (45 series)
    - Reduce radiation from cellphone; helpful for human health
    - Built-in AGC circuit; free of interference
    - Unique LED level indicators; easy to find base station
    - Extend lifespan of cellular phone battery
    - DIY kit; adequate accessories included; easy to install
    - 4 systems in 1 repeater (CDMA; TDMA; GSM 850; Analog in CDMA model)

    Repeater kit unit and parts
    1. Main Unit
    2. Exterior Unidirectional Panel Antenna
    3. Bracket and mounting screw set
    4. AC Adaptor
    5. Interior Omni directional Antenna
    6. 15cm coaxial cable with pre-installed connectors
    7. additional F connectors for spare

    Installation Manuel:

    Made in Taiwan

    RoHS Compliant