Product Name : RPT-B2 Repeater_DCS; PCS; UMTS_Building
RPT-B2 Repeater_DCS; PCS; UMTS_Building



    Product Character

    DCS/PCS/UMTS ~ Building 65/70/75 Series
    The Building Series of building repeaters is ideally suited for providing and/or improving cellular reception in office buildings, apartment complexes, large warehouses and parking garages. It was end-user orientation ¡V Easy installation, DIY kit, adequate accessories for installation, 50/75 ohm coaxial cable are well suitable. For larger service area, customers may use power divider / coupler or construct repeater distributing system to extend coverage area. Any problem with engineering, installation, customer may e-mail to us. We will be glad to have chance to satisfy your any inquiry.

    - Improve in building cellphone communication, coverage area 150~1600m2.
    - 3 systems in 1 repeater (CDMA, TDMA, GSM 1900 in BP series.)
    - Built-in AGC circuit, free of interference
    - DIY kit, adequate accessories included, easy to install
    - Reduce radiation from cellphone, helpful for human health.
    - Extend lifespan of cellular phone battery
    - 50/75 ohm coaxial cable compatible

    Repeater kit unit and parts (include):
    1. Main Unit
    2. Bracket
    3. Mounting screw sets
    4. AC Adaptor
    5. Exterior Unidirectional Panel Antenna
    6. Interior Omnidirectional Antenna
    7. Additional connectors

    Made in Taiwan

    RoHS Compliant