Product Name : RPT-WIFI-1W: 1000mW WiFi Booster (1T1R)
RPT-WIFI-1W: 1000mW WiFi Booster (1T1R)



    Product Character

    Wi-Fi Repeater - Indoor
    This RPT-WIFI-1W Indoor Repeater is ideally suited for providing and/or improving Wi-Fi reception in office; home; coffee shop and facility area. It is an end-user orientation design - Easy Installation; no setting required.

    It is a cost effective solution for its purified spectra makes high speed data rate possible up to 54Mbps and you can easily extend your indoor Wi-Fi communication coverage.

    - High spectral purity for high data rate: 1st lobe: -30dBc; 2nd lobe: -50dBc.
    - Fixed gain; plug and play operation.
    - 802.11b/g/n compatible
    - Liner 1W available model; 2500mW EIRP (with 7dBi ANT)

    - TX Power: 27dBm @ OFDM 54Mbps
    - TX Gain: 10dB
    - TX Gain Setting Range: 5dB
    - RX Gain: 10dB
    - Power Supply: 15.5V 0.8A DC

    (1) Wi-Fi repeater main unit 1pc
    (2) SMA(M)-S(MR) 30cm Cable 1pc
    (3) AC Adaptor with AC power cord 1 set
    (4) 5dBi indoor whip ANT 1pc

    Made in Taiwan; RoHS Compliant