Product Name : F10-FL: 3dBi 2.4/5GHz Dual Band Pigtail Swivel Rubber antenna
F10-FL: 3dBi 2.4/5GHz Dual Band Pigtail Swivel Rubber antenna



    Product Description



    Part no.


    xxx(1): cable type: OD1.13, 1.32, 1.37, 0.81, RG178…etc

    xxx(2): cable length: 100mm : 100

    xxx(3): connector type: iPex MHF, IPEX 2, IPEX3, IPEX4, SMA, MMCX, MCX, Soldering open end

    Product Character


    • Type: Dipole antenna
    • Frequency: 2.4~2.5 / 5.15~5.85 GHz
    • VSWR: ≤2.0
    • Impedance: 50ohms
    • Gain: 3dBi
    • Radiation: omni
    • Electrical Wave: 1/4
    • Polarization: Vertical
    • Max Power: 1W


    • Antenna length: 131mm
    • Operating temp.: -30 to +65 degree
    • Storage temp.: -40 to +75 degree
    • Materials: TPEE (antenna cover)
    • Color: Black


    • Holder  (Optional)
      If the housing ID design is not ready, please design antenna hole size on your enclosure directly. so you can fix antenna on board directly without holder


    Pigtail Cable and connector:

    • Available cable: RG178, OD1.13, OD0.81,OD1.32, OD1.37...etc
    • Connector: iPex, murata, MMCX, MCX, SMA...etc
    • Or Soldering OPEN end

    Made in Taiwan

    OEM and ODM orders are welcome

    Compliant with RoHS Directive