PEN-CA02 Universal Capacitive Stylus (Round Silicon Tip)

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Model number: 0558


Universal Capacitive Stylus for iPhone / iPad/ iPod Touch & any capacitive touch panel

PEN-CA02: Round SIlicon Tip

Keep your capacitive screen clean from finger smudge and grease


1. Round Stylus end; useful and sensitive at any angle.

2. Soft and durable rubber tip.

3. Use this stylus to keep the screen clean from finger smudge and grease.

4. Provide typing comfort; accuracy and efficiency.

5. Excellent with gloves.

6. Gaming; sliding; drawing and double-tap room are possible.

7. Clip design and small enough to put in your pocket or purse.

8. Easily navigate & type on tiny keyboard.


Neutral Blister Pack

Made in Taiwan

RoHS Compliant