PEN-CA05 Universal Capacitive Stylus (Round nib - iPad)

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Model number: 0560


The model; PEN-CA05; is approved and workable on iPad;BlackBerry Storm. It's also fully compatible to Google Phone G1; Apple iPhone; ipod touch; iphone 2G/3G; iPod touch and any capacitive touch panel device.

This stylus ball tip is upgraded as softer as finger touch. It's easy to slide; tap; drag and handwrite. For those with big fingers or have long nails; this is an essential tool for industrial or for consumer use. Keep this super stylus to work on all of the capacitive devices.

Availabel in 5 colors: Black; White; Silver; Blue and Red

round nib diameter: 7.5mm; length: 110mm

Made in Taiwan

RoHS compliant